Juhani Tonteri winner of the Santa Open ’18

Daniel Vezis who had beaten Ülari Lees in semi-final couldn’t cope the same result in the final and Juhani Tonteri was able to steal the show in front of him. Tonteri grabbed 223 points, meanwhile Vezis did 209.

Juhani Tonteri: ”It was nice to get here and play in Santa Open ’18, competition was tough and before its start I hoped to get into the top 3. I’m happy about my result and hope to see


Juhani Tonteri, Daniel Vezis and Ülari Lees to the step ladder

Step ladder will be decided between three nations as all of the participants are from different country, Tonteri from Finland, Vezis from Latvia and Lees from Estonia. Juhani Tonteri came out on top once again as his 2nd final round and round-robin combined score was 3231, on the second place finished Daniel Vezis with 3181 and third Ülari Lees who scored 3157.


Winners of women, seniors and juniors announced

As the Santa Open ’18 is moving towards the end there was an award ceremony for the best 3 players from the youth, woman and senior groups. From across the groups the third place awards were gained by Jolanta Kontavainiene in women, Artemijs Hudjakovs in junior and Faustas Matiukas in senior. Second place finishers were Raili Vaarpuu, Rihards Kovalenko and Timo Raatikainen. Teea Mäkelä, Oskar Vares and Teemu Raatikainen finished first.
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Juhani Tonteri victorious in 2nd round of the finals

Juhani Tonteri threw three times over 250 and got a total score of 1448. His 267 in last game is what took him to the top of the table, leaving Simon Susiluoto behind him by 20 points. The line between 8th and 9th place was a strong one as Pasi Uotila threw 1369, meanwhile 9th place Marek Tammsoo scored 1280.

First round of finals, Simon Susiluoto 300

First round of finals ended with a blast, Simon Susiluoto knocked off all of the pins and scored 300 in his last game. His 300 gives him also the first place in the round 1. Juhani Tonteri came also close to 300 as his first game ended with 298.
You can see full list of people who made it through here:
Finals 1st round