Daniel Vezis who had beaten Ülari Lees in semi-final couldn’t cope the same result in the final and Juhani Tonteri
Step ladder will be decided between three nations as all of the participants are from different country, Tonteri from Finland,
As the Santa Open ’18 is moving towards the end there was an award ceremony for the best 3 players
Juhani Tonteri threw three times over 250 and got a total score of 1448. His 267 in last game is
First round of finals ended with a blast, Simon Susiluoto knocked off all of the pins and scored 300 in
December 9, 2018

B & C division winners

On yesterday night, B and C division finals were played. 4 of the best from each division gained place in
In the last squad Markus Heinonen knocked off enough pins to score 1359, which gave him the first place. Scoring
Artemii Zubkov threw 1387 in squad 19, his third win in qualifications. Edvinas Skarbalius with 1343 and Henry Laine with
Squad 18 ended with Teea Mäkeläs win with the total score of 1392, wich makes her also the best woman
Daniel Vezis 1422 was enough to secure the win in squad 18. Vezis came close to climbing all the way